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American in Sevilla - Travel Tips

I once was an American abroad with a brief stint living in Sevilla, Spain. To date, Sevilla is once of the most fascinating cities I have ever been to. If you get the chance to visit this beautiful town, then I have a few suggestions of things to do, and places to visit while you are there and to see what this incredibly historic town has to offer.

1. Parque De Maria Luisa/ Plaza de EspañaTake a walk through Parque de Maria Luisa and visit Plaza de España to get a glimpse of this fairy tale-like building.  Although the smell of horses may be overwhelming at first, it is one of the most beautiful walks you can enjoy for free. 

2. Visit Alcázar of Sevilla. This has got to be one of the most fascinating places in Sevilla. Alcázar is an old Moorish palace sitting in the middle of Sevilla. Walking through, you will experience a piece of history and understand more about the Muslim history of Southern Spain. Also, you can pretend you are a Martell from Game of Thrones since this was the lo…

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